Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So - I mentioned in an earlier post that I set 10 goals for 2008. One of my goals is to cook more at home. I actually really like to cook - I've just never had the time or resources (never kept the pantry stocked well enough - I've learned that is a BIG part of being a successful chef!). I am a HUGE Rachel Fan - her 30 minute meals and her morning talk show. Last week I actually cooked dinner 4 times - 1 weight watcher recipe (Paulo really liked it too!), 2 Rachel Ray meals, and 1 of my own concoctions. That is a lot for me! Today I just made another one of Rachel Ray's meals - buffalo chicken pot pie. I cannot wait to eat!

Thomas has been sleeping a lot today. I hope its just a growth phase - that he isn't getting sick. I thought he was getting a cold last week so we didn't go to Mom's Together, and I hope we can go tomorrow. Mom's Together is my Thursday morning bible study at church. There are about 45 moms of all ages/stages of children. We have fellowship, study and prayer. Its a great group and I'm so glad to finally be a mommy and be a part of it.

Here's a completely unrelated, but totally adorable picture of Thomas from last week. I ordered about 6 weeks worth pf Thomas pictures this past weekend - $75! I told Paulo we're going to have to add a photo processing budget to our monthly bills!

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