Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year - new to blogging

I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch with people and keep people up to date with all the Brasil happenings - most importantly the progress and milestones of our little prince Thomas!

Our little man is just AWESOME! He is such a happy baby! He was 12 weeks Weds - will officially be 3 months this coming Thursday. He is holding his head completely now, and sitting up well (with support from us of course). He is also standing a lot, and today he is now pulling himself from a laying position all the way to standing - no sitting in between. I might be in trouble - he might be ready to walk soon. He loves his mobile - Wally the green monster - and is also enjoying the activity mat. I've started reading to him - he'll sit through a really short book. Its just so darn fun to watch his face light up with every little thing he sees!

I'm just now finally catching up with the new year. I got really sick new year's even night - either food poisoning or a really bad stomach bug. Either way, it took about a week to recover, and then this week I've been undecorating the house, taking down the tree, and cleaning up. So its the 12th already, and I'm just getting my new year started - better late than never.

I set 10 goals for 2008 - I prefer to call them goals rather than resolutions. Its nice to have something to strive for. I figure if I only achieve a little in each area, or really kick butt on 3 out of 10, then I can feel accomplished. I know, I know - weird.

Its Pats 3rd quarter and its very tense here - I should go watch the end.

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