Friday, February 8, 2008

The BEST $57.50 I've ever spent!

I mentioned I have 10 goals for 2008, and little by little I'll reveal each of them. The best $57.50 I ever spent pertains to my goal of cooking and eating more at home.

I LOVE a big salad. I'd eat salad every day....IF it weren't so darned hard to keep all the veggies fresh, and IF it weren't so time consuming to chop everything up each day. WELL - let me tell you about these fabulous products I got from Tupperware that help me stick to this goal.

I saw these containers on a HGTV show (of course, since that's all I watch on TV). They are called Fridgesmart and you store all sorts of fruits and veggies in them. What this means is, when you go food shopping, you can come home and cut up all the lettuce, all the
cucumbers, peppers, onions, whatever you like, then put the cut up veggies in these containers and they keep fresh for up to THREE weeks!! YES - for real, no lie - cause I've had them for 3 weeks now and just had a yummy salad with 3 week old cucumbers that taste as fresh as the first day I bought them - REALLY!!! I bought strawberries 10 days ago and put them in a container - they are perfect! No mold, no rot!
I just made a yummo salad in 3 minutes - cause I just pulled out the containers, grabbed the copped lettuce and chopped cucs, cut up a tomato, added some olives, etc - 3 minutes I was eating it!

I was sooo sick of throwing out rotting fruits and veggies. I'm sure I was spending $57.50 a month on produce with the best of intentions to use them up right away, only to end up tossing them in just a few short days cause they were rotting.

Check them out. You can purchase seperately, but I highly suggest getting all 3 and just paying shipping once - you will want all 3.
Fridge smart containers

Today's pic of Thomas - he has decided he likes the car seat now, because he's figured out when I put him in it, that means we are going somewhere - either for a walk in the stroller, or a ride in the car. So this is his face now each time I put him in it. So stinkin cute!!! I just love this little boy!!

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