Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey Mikey - He likes it!!

Thomas had his first bowl of cereal this weekend!! He LOOOOVES it! He's a natural born eater, of course. He took right too it - and opened wide for every spoonful! He had his 4 month appointment on Friday - he weighs a whopping 16.2 lbs now! And he is 26" long. He had 3 shots and did very well - only cried for a minute - I think I whimpered longer! The doctor says he is in great health! Yippeee! Happy anniversary to us! yes - Friday was our 5 yr anniversary! I can hardly believe it myself. We were supposed to go out to dinner but Paulo has been sick all weekend - stomach flu - ugh. So we celebrated with our boy's healthy check up and first bit of food.

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