Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Blues

It is very sad ....the perfect season has come to an end - the Pats have lost. But you know what - they still have the longest record, regular and post season, and I don't care what all the men say - that means something!

Thomas has found his hands. I'm not sure he's quite figured out that they are indeed attached and are very useful - but he has found them - that's step one. So he's either staring at them or sucking on them - again, don't think he gets that those things he's sucking on are the same things he's playing with! Its just so fun.

I thanked Paulo tonight when he got home - I try to thank him often. For working so hard so that I have the privilege of staying home and being with the boy all day. I can't imagine missing all this - little coos and giggles and faces all day long. I am so blessed. Ladies, I know wiping butts and noses, doing endless laundry, and loading and unloading the dishwasher 30 times a week is a thankless job, but if you are blessed to get to do all this and only this in addition to raising your babies, thank your husband. Its got to be pretty thankless to leave his home and family everyday just to bring home the bacon.

(PS - check out those legs - he's soooo my child!)


cj said...

This is cool, I love the photos

joe p said...

This post made me cry, I remember talking praying with you in the 99
Restaurant several years. I am so
happy God has blessed your family
and that you are staying home, it
is the hardest and best job in the
world and even though it doesn't seem
so, it goes really fast. Cherish every moment.
-Karen Pinkham