Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring's just around the corner.....I hope

So - I mentioned I have 10 goals this year. The progress up date is this - I've made lots of head way on one of my goals - cooking. Actually, I've also been a much better housewife/home manager - more organized, on top of laundry, cleaning more.

The rest of my goals - not so much. I'm supposed to be reading more books - haven't read a one. Supposed to be walking more - not happening....but can I blame that on New England weather? Haven't made any progress on Thomas' scrapbook - but taking more and more pics every day. So here we are about to embark on the next season of 2008 and I'm not making much

But - I am thoroughly enjoying all my time with Thomas. I'll never get these days back and so I'm relishing them all. He and I have great days together, and then when Paulo is home on the weekends, we all just hang out at home and look at each other - smiling and laughing and babbling with one another. I love these dreary winter days when we can cozy up at home without feeling
guilty. but I'm also looking forward to the warmer weather so I hit the pavement, and the sand, with Thomas in the stroller. He needs to meet the landscape of Hull!!

Here are some pics this week. Daddy finally decided the doorway jumper would be fun for him and boy does he love it!! (the boy, not daddy!)

teaser - BIG news coming next week - tune in!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just a few shots

Not much to report this week - Thomas has been fighting a cold so we've been laying low. but did want to post some pics of my sweet boy.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The times...they are a changin

*** I was trying out a new feature on my camera that I just learned about, but have yet to figure out how to work the flash and the feature at the same time. Oh well - he's still beautiful!

Wow - early daylight savings time is AWESOME!! I'm not generally affected by the seasons. In fact, I welcome each season and all its unique qualities with open arms, including cold and dark days (all the better to cuddle up). But I am really enjoying the extra hour plus of daylight!! Now - if we could just get the weather to warm up a little and stay. I'm not looking for much - just above 40 each day. Oh well - soon enough.

And my boy - he's changing so much! The other day Paulo was carrying him over to
me and I just looked at Thomas and I saw a little boy. Not a baby, not an infant, but a little boy!! He is eating food twice a day now, and he's been drinking from a sippy cup!!! And the biggest and best news of all.....he's sleeping through the night!!! Its been a full week now of 8 hour his his room. Of course, now that I've published that, all will change, but hey, the pattern has been set, we know it can be done. I tell him every morning how proud we are! And he even wakes up so chipper! He's turning me into a morning person - OH MY WORD!!!

As for my annual goals - I think I mentioned I wanted to learn how to cook and to do more cooking. Well - I've been on a role this week in the kitchen. I really enjoy it - not just the final product (yummy!), but the process. I like taking a whole bunch of things and creating something out of them. This week we had roasted lemon chicken with lemon thyme gravy, chicken with mushroom dijon sauce, raviolli with basil tomato sauce (I made the sauce, not the raviollis). But our favorite this week was gyros platter! Yes - I made gyros at home! And it tasted just as good - no, better - than the take out version! As Paulo said - we may never order take out again!! And by the way - all these meals were 30 minute meals - yes really!!! Bon Appetite all!

Thomas with his sippy cup and his daddy

Sunday, March 2, 2008

3 Milestones

My sweet boy had 3 milestones this week, but I think they were bigger milestones for Mama.

1 - Thomas has moved out of the bassinet in our room into the crib in his room. This was hard for Paulo and me. I miss hearing him breath at the foot of my bed. He's doing okay in the crib - not sleeping through the night yet, but sleeping better than I anticipated. Now if I could just relax about the move and sleep better! And you all know our little house - he's not that far away!

2 - Thomas went into nursery during church today. Again - tough one for me! The childcare at our church is wonderful - they do such a great job. But I was a nervous mama. Today, however, when Pastor Jeramie was starting the lesson, Thomas decided it was time to start talking, loudly, so we had to leave the sanctuary. He didn't fall asleep and I was getting nothing out of the lesson, so off he went to nursery and I got to go back into the sanctuary and focus on the message - the first time in 3 months. This is a good thing. I'll be a much better mom if I'm being fed the Word.

3 - He has officially outgrown his first "batch" of clothing - newborn and 0-3 months. I packed up all those items and pulled the 3-6 mos clothes out of the attic. Boy was it hard! I cried as I folded each little outfit. I hope its just because these were his first clothes, and that each stage/size won't be so difficult. And for each sweet outfit I put away, there was an even cuter outfit to come in the next size! Like this one (from my dear friend Brandy - I don't think you can see really well in this pic - the pants are pin striped!!!)