Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring's just around the corner.....I hope

So - I mentioned I have 10 goals this year. The progress up date is this - I've made lots of head way on one of my goals - cooking. Actually, I've also been a much better housewife/home manager - more organized, on top of laundry, cleaning more.

The rest of my goals - not so much. I'm supposed to be reading more books - haven't read a one. Supposed to be walking more - not happening....but can I blame that on New England weather? Haven't made any progress on Thomas' scrapbook - but taking more and more pics every day. So here we are about to embark on the next season of 2008 and I'm not making much

But - I am thoroughly enjoying all my time with Thomas. I'll never get these days back and so I'm relishing them all. He and I have great days together, and then when Paulo is home on the weekends, we all just hang out at home and look at each other - smiling and laughing and babbling with one another. I love these dreary winter days when we can cozy up at home without feeling
guilty. but I'm also looking forward to the warmer weather so I hit the pavement, and the sand, with Thomas in the stroller. He needs to meet the landscape of Hull!!

Here are some pics this week. Daddy finally decided the doorway jumper would be fun for him and boy does he love it!! (the boy, not daddy!)

teaser - BIG news coming next week - tune in!!!

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