Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well - I did it

I left my boy....for the weekend...and I survived...and I LOVED it!

I went on the annual women's retreat with church. Destination 08 - Newport, RI. I didn't imagine myself going, but of course God had other plans for me. The Magnolias were all in (for those who don't know, the magnolia's are my BFF's) and so were other
pretty cool women from church. The curriculum was being written by an awesome gal from church and I so wanted to do her study. And then Paulo of course said "Go honey - Thomas and I will have our 1st boys weekend". But, could I really bring myself to leave my little man?

Friday 2pm came and I met up with the girls to all drive down together. Yes I cried when saying goodbye, but Thomas was asleep so he really didn't mind - didn't even notice - mama taking off.

This weekend was such a huge blessing. I got great quality time with the girls, good rest, lots of walking, delicious meals. But most importantly, I was able to reconnect with the Lord - spend some really hardy time with Him - something I've been craving for since Thomas was born. In return, the Lord blessed me by revealing some pretty powerful lessons - ones I'll be incorporating into my life starting immediately. (Psalm 121:1-2).

My goal was to rest, refresh, and restore myself so that I can give it all back to Thomas, and I truly feel like I accomplished all my goals. As a stay at home mom, I am all he has. That's not to say Paulo isn't a good daddy - he's an incredible daddy. But if something happens to
me - Paulo can't just stop working and take care of him 24/7. I have to be sure to take really good care of myself - physcially, mentally, spiritually - so that I can be there for him. This weekend was all about that....and now this week I'm all about the boy!!!!

Magnolia's: Courtnie, Naomi, (me), Jill

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Amy and Rick said...

YAY for you! It sounds like an amazing weekend and you sound so recharged and ready to take on the world! Good for you.