Thursday, June 26, 2008

We have Walls!!!

Here are our walls - aren't they purty? This is my color - its called Thumper, but its very hard to describe. I had to pick from an itty bitty paint chip, so I've been itching to see it up if I really like and I LOOOOOOOOVE it. Floors are being done tomorrow, so we'll be out for the weekend. Then we'll put on one more coat of paint and get the electrician to put in the finish work.....we're groovin!!!

View into the hall

View from front door

View from kitchen

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The truth

Okay - to be fair, life isn't always sunshine and roses as I paint it. The good just outweighs the bad most days. However, this is a tough week. Its time for Thomas to do all his sleeping in the crib - naps and night time. I've made this decision alone - Thomas is not on board. So there are a lot of tears in our house these days - and not necessarily the baby's. Good thing he's so stinkin cute!

Will keep you posted.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Boy Genius!

Thomas said his first word yesterday, Father's day. And I am not lying - his first word, on father's day, was Dada! Yes for real!! Isn't he just awesome!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer is here

It's hot. Did I mention I hate hot? And that we have no insulation or window coverings so the sun is beating in on us? And I hate hot? But I will admit - I like the sunshine. Thomas and I are walking every day that its not raining. We walk from our house to the end of the beach and back. its a nice long walk so mama gets good exercise and Thomas gets to see lots of things and gets lots of fresh air.

This week Thomas has been trying lots of new foods - graham crackers, cheerios, nectarines. Its very messy here. And he also went on the swing at the park!

As for the reno - electrician is done. I have recessed lights and outlets everywhere! Its wonderful! Next step - Paulo to put in insulation and shim the studs so the wall boarders/plasterers can come give us walls!