Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer days

Our summer has certainly been full. We actually have been doing more than just our renovation project.

Thomas is evolving right before our eyes. How is it that it takes a person 18-21 years to fully develop physically, but yet the first 9 months of changes seem to go at lightening speed. He is so verbal right now. In addition to all his squeals and noises, he has a few words: dada, diddy (which is kitty), mama, nana, and baba. The latter 3 mean nothing - he does not say them in reference to the correct things, but at least he's working on sounds sounds.

Thomas loves to crawl back and forth in the family/playroom (our basement). He is also now pulling himself up on things - the coffee table, the couch, the railings of his crib and play pen. The pulling up was fine - it was the getting back down that stumped him. After a week, he has worked out the details - 2 little steps back and then squat down till he hits his knees, then he lets go and goes into a sitting position. Its quite the process and I just love watching him master it. It is so amazing to see him do all these "big, grown up things" in that little body of his.

He had his 9 mos appmt earlier this week. He is weighing in at 20.1lbs and measuring 28.5 inches - which has moved him into the 50% on the charts. I was a little concerned, but the doc says its because he's grooving all day long. As for eating, Thomas is a champ. He is basically on all table food now except for his 3 bottle a day and his one serving of baby cereal each morning. He still has a milk allergy, but there is so much he can eat anyways. He loves all fruits, but his favorite is grapes. And so far he likes most veggies. He is chowing on graham crackers and animal crackers. I'm telling you - he is like a bottomless pit. If he keeps up at this rate, he will be eating us out of house and home like most boys do!

I've finally made some progress on a few of my annual goals. I've mentioned them in passing, but haven't elaborated too much on any of them.

COOKING - I'm progressing very nicely. I'm addicted to the food network now - I DVR 30 minute meals and Guy's big bite every day. I find the more I watch, the more I learn, and even if I don't cook their recipes, I get good tips and ideas. I cook more nights than not now and that was my goal. Once fall arrives, I've decided to add another challenge to cooking and teach myself to bake. We have a bread maker that we have never used and its time to get it cranking.

I wanted to make exercise a very regular routine, not just for me, but the little man too. Thomas and I get out just about every day. He loves being in his stroller and checking out the sites as we cruise along the boardwalk. Its a pretty good walk - we're out at least an hour. We both wear our 50 sunblock, but Thomas has developed a nice tan (he has daddy's skin - phew!). I am tanner than I've been since our aruban honeymoon 5 yrs ago, but I still get than red tint rather than straight brown. Ah well - at least I'm getting vitamin D.

READING - yippppppeeeee! I've fallen in love with books again! I have a new favorite author - Kristen Hannah - who I just happened upon. I've dug out my library card, which was dorment for almost 3 years (according to the librarian) and now I make a weekly trip! I feel my brain starting to come back. I've made a list of books and am making my way through it.

WEIGHT LOSS - I'm always reluctant to share my plan with people. Puts so much pressure on myself. However, I've fallen in love with Weight Watchers again. I've had success with it in the past, and after 6 weeks, I'm having success again. I'm also at a more committed place than I've been in at least 6 years. I want to take care of myself so that I can take care of my boy and my man. And I also want to be a good role model, and I can't if I don't eat right and take care of my own self. I thought that would be a challenge if I had a daughter, but I realize its just as important when raising a son too. So far I've lost 11.5lbs in 6 weeks - will keep you posted.

That's all for sharing now - I'll save more goals and progress reports another time. My boys have just woken up from a Saturday afternoon nap and I'm going to go join them. Happy weekend!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Thomas entertaining our fellow diners.
What a superb week at Eagle Camp. Thomas was the hit of the camp! He was soooo good - entertained everyone at the dining hall, had a harem of little girls all over him the whole week long, and pretty much dominated the kiddie swing. It was a beautiful week - we got in lots of long walks, had great time with our EC friends, and best of all, Paulo, Thomas and I had plenty of good quality family time together. Hey - I even read one whole book, from start to finish!! The weather was pretty decent - except that it rained most of the last

day. We got into the lake 3 times - Thomas went with us twice - and he loved it!!! Yea....we have a water bug just like us! I always hate to leave each year, but I feel so privileged to go at all. And now I'm excited for Thomas to start the tradition. Now to the rough transition back into reality.

With Mama and Dada

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So much going on!!!

First and foremost, despite all of Paulo's tremendous efforts and amazing work, our house project is not yet complete.
Walls - painted and done.
Ceiling - painted and done.
Lights, fans, outlets - done.
Floor - shiny and done.
Trim around doors and windows - not so much. The devil really is in the details and thus that is where we're at. So, we are taking a 2 week break and will finish up end of July or beginning of August. Which, in my opinion, is still amazing - 2 months when you're doing all the work yourself! And it will indeed be soooooooo worth it - we can see that already.

Thomas is officially a big boy. I just can't believe all the changes. He is crawling - and let me assure you, he can move!! He's also achieved pulling himself up and walking a little ways along the couch. He is eating finger foods - grapes, nectarines, carrots, pasta. He loves all food. Only now that he can feed himself he doesn't want any help. He's also drinking from a cup without a sippy lid, but with assistance. I now spend my days saying NO - no, don't touch the cord; no, don't pick up the kitty food; no, don't grab the curtain. I know it has to be done, but I hate bursting his bubble. He beams with such pride when he reaches something only to have me take it away. Mean mommy!

This week I'm volunteering at our church Vacation Bible School. I'm an assistant crew leader for 2nd graders - 4 boys and 2 girls. Its so awesome, and I'm learning so much myself. Is this really for kids? The worship is amazing - brings me to tears - and the lessons are so rich. I'm memorizing more verses this week than I have in 5 years. Thomas goes into nursery for the morning and gets to watch all the other little babies which he enjoys - and it tires him out.

Saturday we embark on our annual pilgrimage to Eagle Camp. We are so looking forward to it - both to see everyone and introduce Thomas, but also to get some much needed rest. I'm a little worried about how the boy will do, however, he's been great with every new adventure so I'm sure he'll be just fine.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Project Update

No pics but I am just back in the house after 5 days out to have the floor refinished - it looks AWESOME!!! Electrician coming thursday, painters coming Saturday, Paulo putting up trim sunday.....we are in the home stretch!! I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th. Be sure to give thanks for our freedom and the troops that are fighting today to protect us.