Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Every day life

I don't have a lot to report this week - things are just in a nice daily groove. That doesn't mean there isn't lots of fun and excitement around here - there's always something new and exciting with Thomas. Its nice just to be living day to day. Mondays we generally recover from our Daddy filled weekend - so we lay low, do laundry, tidy up the house. Tuesdays Thomas goes over to visit with Paulo's parents while I do errands, have appointments and try to do the big cleaning. Wednesday is our whatever day - whatever goes. Thursdays we have Moms Together Bible study - mama gets filled up and Thomas plays with little people. Fridays we have play group and then we head to Super Walmart (LOVE the sperwalmart). Its a nice mix of activity throughout the week - Thomas loves to be out and about, seeing new people and things. But when we're home, he loves being loose and carefree and getting to roam all around. I'm doing a lot of cooking - Chicken LoMein, Black Bean & Pumpkin Soup, Chilaquilas, Fritatta, Cauliflower Mac n'cheese. Now that Thomas has no food restrictions (well, except fish and nuts) he wants me to bring it on! He'll try just about anything. Every day Thomas has a new trick. He's finally mastered waving - on cue and in the right context. He "talks" on his telephone - holds it up to his ear. He is kissing his stuffed animals. I can't believe last year at this time he still wasn't even here!! This is a chair my grandfather had as child - Thomas is now the 4th generation to sit in this chair.

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