Friday, September 12, 2008


From this.... to this... The boy is finally sleeping in his room..... in his crib..... 12 hours a night...... every night..... and 2 naps a day. Sing it with me people - Halleluiah!!! Actually - the process was waaay better than expected. It took a total of 3 nights for the transition - and he only cried when we put him down - he never woke up during the night, any of the nights. Here is my secret - listen up moms - this is my advice. Forget what everyone says - whatever "it" it when YOU are ready. Cause when YOU are ready, then the backlash (or in our case, the 45 minutes of screaming) won't even bother you. Really - I was fine with it. Cause he was gonna sleep in that crib!! So I have freedom again - which has allowed me to get back to cookin' in the kitchen (just in time - new season of Rachel Ray - YUM-O), and reading at night. Which is my segway to my latest greatest book - Friday Night Knitting Club. READ IT!! It was FABULOUS!!! And, because I cannot resist - here's a pic of my 2 men

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