Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thomas' FIRST birthday!

Yes, that's right - our boy is one year old. Wow - can it really be? Was it just a year ago that we were still anticipating meeting him, seeing him, holding him? Was it just one year ago that I was STILL in the hospital?! Anyways - now Thomas is one big bundle of energy, the bright spot in our day, and just about walking!! Mama, Daddy and Thomas had a quiet celebration on his actual birthday Oct 17. On Sunday the 19th, we had the families over for cake and ice cream. Everyone spoiled him with generous gifts, though Thomas, of course, was much more enthralled with the wrapping and tissue paper. One funny story from the party - he received pajamas with mickey mouse on the front of the shirt. Well, Thomas gasped with delight and threw himself onto the pj's to plant a long, drooley kiss on mickey!! It was hysterical - who would have thought a one year old, boy no less, would love pj's! Thomas had his one year check up (and shots) last monday. He weighed in at 21lbs 4 oz (40%), is 29 inches long (50%) and is the picture of health according to his doctor. We already knew that though. So -with new stats in hand, we made the big move into the toddler car seat - facing forward too! Not sure how he likes it - he's been a little quiet so far. Unfortunately, Thomas was beginning a cold for his birthday and it has been raging all week, so we've been housebound all week. We did get out for a short walk Friday and Thomas squealed the whole time - he was just so excited to see people other than mama!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Technical difficulties

Our computer crashed - dead. Please stay tuned for details

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn in New England....

Means foliage, apple picking, pumpkins and a trip to Vermont!! We went up to visit my cousin Amy, her husband Rick and their brand new baby girl Gianna this weekend. Gianna is 3 months old and so cute! She is the exact opposite of Thomas at that age - dainty and petite. Thomas did so well with her - he shared a toy, held her hand, and even tried to feed her some of his goldfish crackers - so sweet. Here are some pics of one of our outings. (And don't be getting any ideas about Thomas needing a sibling!!!! Paulo and Amy were already all over that!)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Yesterday we went with the McGilvray's -our friends and future in laws (Thomas and baby Grace are going to get married in 23 yrs) - to Honeypot Farm in Stow, MA. Our mission - to pick the best apples. Did we accomplish that? You be the judge...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Its official - I've become a foody. What qualifies that turning point? When, not only did I thoroughly enjoy eating a prosciutto, fig and balsamic pizza, but I made the pizza myself!! Yes really - and it is soooo good you can't even believe it!! Paulo really liked it too. I used to think foodies were snobs, and so now I must apologize to all you foodies out there for judging you (in my head....always in my head). I now understand how to live it up in the kitchen!! And I don't have to go out and do it - I can make it right here at home! As long as I get my 10 hours of Food TV time in that week. Tonight - Kielbasa Reuben Potato Bake. I'll let you know how yummy it is!