Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thomas' FIRST birthday!

Yes, that's right - our boy is one year old. Wow - can it really be? Was it just a year ago that we were still anticipating meeting him, seeing him, holding him? Was it just one year ago that I was STILL in the hospital?! Anyways - now Thomas is one big bundle of energy, the bright spot in our day, and just about walking!! Mama, Daddy and Thomas had a quiet celebration on his actual birthday Oct 17. On Sunday the 19th, we had the families over for cake and ice cream. Everyone spoiled him with generous gifts, though Thomas, of course, was much more enthralled with the wrapping and tissue paper. One funny story from the party - he received pajamas with mickey mouse on the front of the shirt. Well, Thomas gasped with delight and threw himself onto the pj's to plant a long, drooley kiss on mickey!! It was hysterical - who would have thought a one year old, boy no less, would love pj's! Thomas had his one year check up (and shots) last monday. He weighed in at 21lbs 4 oz (40%), is 29 inches long (50%) and is the picture of health according to his doctor. We already knew that though. So -with new stats in hand, we made the big move into the toddler car seat - facing forward too! Not sure how he likes it - he's been a little quiet so far. Unfortunately, Thomas was beginning a cold for his birthday and it has been raging all week, so we've been housebound all week. We did get out for a short walk Friday and Thomas squealed the whole time - he was just so excited to see people other than mama!!

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