Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boo-boos and Boo-hoos

Well, our very furtunate run of no injuries has come to an end. In one week Thomas had his first bloody lip, smashed his fingers in a drawer for the first time, and had his first eye injury (not in his eyeball, just the corner). It's like something in his physical development turned on this week and boo-boos are in full swing. He cries for about 10 seconds then he's off again. In other firsts, Thomas climbed a full flight of stairs this week. We were at Jill's house and he just started going. Once he hit the 6th step I got behind him to see how far he'd go. All the way! No fear in this boy! We've also reached the delightful stage where EVERYTHING warrants a tantrum. When he can't put the legos together, or get them apart. When the sippy cup is empty. When he can't turn the truck around. It's all sooooo tragic!

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