Monday, November 10, 2008


I have no title for this entry - all just random thoughts, happenings and pictures. Thomas is his usual delightful self, although I will be truthful and report he threw his first tantrum. And I mean full-on tantrum - face down, prostrate on the floor, kicking feet and screaming in a very tragic way. What brought it on? Well, I, the meanest mommy in the world, firmly told him he wasn't allowed to swing on the safety gate. I know - soooooo mean. I had to walk away cause I was laughing. In hindsight, I wish I'd gotten one of the cameras for the event, but I suppose that would have fed into it more. Once I walk away, it ended pretty quickly. At first I made excuses in my head - he's teething, he's tired - but then I realized, nope - this is a real, honest to goodness tantrum and he has reached the stage of trying to assert himself. , In other news, mama's going away this weekend!!! GIRL'S WEEKEND IN MAINE - YIPPEEEE. And that means boys weekend here at home. I'm excited to be away and get some good hearty girl time and talk in, but I'm also excited for my boys to have a nice long weekend together. Yes I said long - I'm leaving at 8:30 Friday morning and won't be back until dinner time Sunday. I am 3 gifts shy of completing my Christmas shopping. I know - I'm annoying. I've also started to address my cards (just the envelopes mind you) and order the Christmas pic of Thomas. Oh yes, and I have started to listen to Christmas music. I know - I'm nuts. You see, people, if you didn't already know this about me, I LOOOOOOVE Christmas - and all of it. And this year, I want to enjoy it. No more wrapping gifts on Christmas eve, no more wishing I had baked, no more "I can't put on carols until Thanksgiving", no more addressing envelopes and then never finishing the cards. I'm setting a new tradition in the Brasil house - we are going to enjoy the season!! Now, I have resigned myself to the fact that Christmas eve and day will be hectic. But I've accepted that and anticipate that, so at least I won't be disappointed and maybe I'll even be prepared. But the whole season long doesn't have to be that way. Remember the whole "reason for the season"? Mary was a teenage mother carrying God's child, but I bet she wasn't all a frenzy like we make ourselves to be. And God was sending His child here to earth - think he was a basket case looking for the perfect table setting and best gift ever? Scratch that - he already had the best gift ever. I'd erase what I just wrote, but that's my point - I, we, are going to focus on that gift, and the love that is abundant this season. So say all you want about me and my soapbox, but I hope maybe you'll think I might be on to something.

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