Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and season. We sure did here. Thomas really "got" the whole gift things. We thought it would be one present and done, but he opened one, played or read a little, then was ready to do another, and another, and so on. And yes - he was spoiled rotten! He got toys galore, and lots of great clothes, and tons of books. However, out of everything, he is addicted to 5 books, and he just wants to read them over and over, or shall I say he wants us to read them over and over. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but we actually have to hide these books, and a few others, during the day so that he'll do other activities. He also now puts up a fuss at bedtime, so we let him put himself to sleep guessed it, books! Thomas wasn't the only one who was spoiled on Christmas. I would have been more than happy with my 3 new Bubble and Brown casserole dishes and my new Rachel Ray cookbooks, but Paulo went above and beyond (as he always does) and spoiled me with THE most amazing new camera. I'd mentioned around Thanksgiving that it was time to start thinking about a new camera, but promised him not to get me one. Well, he's been researching since last February!! This fancy new camera is a Nikon digital SLR - with interchangeable lenses and filters and flashes, etc. It has a lot of bells and whistles and I have a lot to learn so of course, Paulo got me classes too. I'm very excited about finally pursuing photography - something I've always wanted to do. That Paulo - he never ceases to amaze me....or outdo himself. I am happy to report that 2008 is the first year EVER that I have kept many of my goals/resolutions. Yes really (isn't that pathetic at 36 yrs old). Among the goals I set for myself in 08, I accomplished the following: - going green - we started a very thorough recycling system here at home - teaching myself how to cook - Rachel Ray's bank account thanks me - losing weight - I lost 25 pounds in 08 - reading again - I read 11 books - get organized - both Paulo and I have really done a lot to achieve better organization and routines here at Casa Brasil AS they say, success breeds motivations so I have a whole new list of goals in 09. This year, I've come up with a new approach, but that's for another post. As for Thomas and the New Year - he is progressing like wildfire!! He is up to 9 signs now, and even does simple sentences in sign language - "more please"; "more drink"; "food please". Its amazing! But I shouldn't make it out to be all sunshine and roses over here. While teaching Thomas sign language to communicate has been a huge blessing and and was meant to cut down on the screaming and tantrums in getting his point across, he certainly finds quite enough reasons to pitch his fits. I even have a little song even "who's the meanest mommy in the world? Tommy's mommy, Tommy's mommy". You know - like when I won't let him take the glass jars and bottles out of the fridge, or let him play in the bathroom, or let him touch the hot oven, or close the gate at the top of the stairs. You know - all those mean, horrible things we mamas do. I swear the other day all I did was say no. It was a very long day needless to say. Its weird - the days that Paulo is coming home early seem longer and harder than his late days. Its like I know he'll be home and can help so I just crave it more or something. That's my long winded post for now - trying to just get caught up. I wrestled with what to post - report of the holidays, resolutions, updates on the boy, so looks like you got it all. I'll stop rambling now.

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Amy and Rick said...

Man, is that kid cute or what! I can't wait to see him again - I think it will be a blast to watch him play with his cousin G...and teach her all sorts of tricks! : )

Love you guys!