Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The latest stats

Thomas had his 15mo appointment today - WOW! He is growing up so fast!! Here are his stats: LENGTH: 30" (50%) WEIGHT: 23.4lbs (25% - seriously - where did he come from?) WORDS: mama, dada, pepe (my dad), down, door, uh-oh, wow, bye-bye, hi, car, truck, all gone SIGNS: more, please, eat, drink, lights, frog, duck, up, down, book, sleep, cat, all gone, cereal, book FAVORITES: BOOKS: Cars books, Thomas the train books, the truck book, the sign langauge books SONGS: Heavenly (our wedding song), Come to Jesus (still), the choo-choo train song, mama's made up song "we're going outside" ACTIVITIES: reading, legos, reading, stacking blocks, reading, magnets, reading, dancing Mama's favorites at 15 mos: - the sound of Thomas' laugh - the way he kisses me all drooley - the sound of my boy squealing when he and daddy play - his jibber jabber, which comes more and more often - his yummy bear hug - the way he sucks in air when he's excited - the pitter-patter of his feet in his fancy shoes - the way he dances when I sing "we're going outside" - the funny way he smushes his face and laughs - his cute little bum in his onesie jammies


Amy and Rick said...

What sign books are you using? We've started G with "milk" but that's it.

One request - bring back the books 08 list!! :)

Mary said...

You all look so happy. I pray for you every week.Give a hug to Tommy for me.