Sunday, February 15, 2009


This is the year for me. I'm getting this house organized once and for all. And so far, I'm on a role. That's why I haven't posted in a while - I've been busy getting things in order over here. You must understand - we live in a very small house - I mean VERY small house. We have only 2 closets - yes really. Unless you count the half closet in Thomas' room - the stairs run underneath it, so it only goes from ceiling to about my waste - there is no floor in the closet. Our basement is completely finished - we live in all the space in it - so we only have a little storage room down there. That room is about the size of most master bedroom walk in closets. So it takes a lot of good ideas and well executed planning to find a place for everything and put everything in its place. A few weeks ago we cleaned out our attic and organized everything into zones up there. Now its not a major undertaking to go up and fetch something, or better yet, to actually put something away in the place where it belongs. A huge weight was lifted off our shoulders when we completed this project. Most recently I've been working on the office. My goal was for it to be organized and flow well. I redid all 4 drawers in the filing cabinet - cause really, if the files aren't in order, who's going to file? My true motivation though was make a little corner in there for scrapbooking! I used to have the whole playroom in the basement, which I was happy to give up for our little man. Now I needed to carve out a corner in an already little space. I'm very pleased with what I accomplished. Not only is it a scrapping corner, but really a "Mama Bree" space - for my projects, calendar, lists, bible study time. I've succeeded in turning the office from the dumping zone to a nice little haven to spend time in while getting things accomplished.I love the set-up and the wall color, but we need to redo the artwork. This room used to be man town (BT - before Thomas), thus all the sports memorabilia. I have a few more areas to work out on our main floor - mostly the bookcases, but I think this really is going to be our year. And it has to be. A little person really does come with a lot of STUFF!! And if we aren't careful, his stuff will take over this house!!

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