Saturday, April 4, 2009

The 2 sweetest words in the world

MAMA and DADA. It seems Thomas has mastered the meaning of these words this week. He's been saying both for a few months, however this weekend has been nothing but MAMA and DADA. He calls down the stairs for DADA or yells MAMA from the other room. He lights up when I come in the room and runs to me with a hug. Makes my heart swell every time and brings tears to my eyes. Thomas has learned 2 new signs this week - that's a total of about 30 signs now. Originally, I got into the signing cause I thought it would be neat and fun. I didn't really do much research or work - I certainly wasn't the mom who was determined to jump start my son's education and academic stimulus. I just picked up a short "dictionary" of the most used signs. I have to tell you, I LOVE it! In addition to being really cute and fun, Thomas really is able to communicate what he wants and needs, and we really can communicate with him. Its really cool. Nothing much new going on around here. I am getting ready for Easter - we are hosting my cousins Jenn and Carrie and their families. Its very exciting - we haven't hosted a holiday for my extended family yet, and more importantly, Thomas will get to spend lots of quality time with his cousins McKenzie, Madison and Rilynn - all 5 yrs old. Will definitely have pics to post I'm sure. Oh, and you can add me to the list of New Englanders who constantly complain about the weather. This has been a particularly hard winter - not because we've had so much snow, or too many storms, nor has it been super cold. Rather, I've been trying to keep a toddler occupied in a small house. Then we further tried our patience by getting a taste of the good weather in Florida. I have never considered myself an "outdoor" person, but I'm starting to realize I might just be. I need the fresh air, to stretch my legs....yes, I even need to feel the sun on my face. Thomas and I go out each day to find a playground or walk in the mall - just to move and be free!!

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Holly said...

What an adorable little boy! I love his hairstyle, lol! :P