Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer's End

It's been a good summer. Despite the weather...and the stress we had here due to some situations.....its been fun. We've had a lot of time at the beach, a great week at camp, my parents staying with us as they ready their new home for residence, visitors we adore. Right now I feel God calling me to some quiet time. Not only is He calling me, but He has paved the way. So this week, Thomas and I are going into "seclusion". Its not a bad thing. Its not a punishment. I just feel like I want to soak up the last week of summer with my boy - no schedules, no commitments, no plans. Just get up each morning and let the day take its own course. We will play, we will walk, we will go for rides, we will enjoy afternoon naps. We will actually turn off our central AC and let the late summer breeze blow through the windows. Paulo has a busy week with students moving in right now, but hopefully he will join us 1 or 2 evenings. So signing off for now, unplugging so to speak. See you on the other side...of the week that is. I wish you all a fabulous last week of summer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's better than yoga?

Yoga on the beach! Today was my second session and it was AWESOME!! The parks department is offering free, yes I said FREE, yoga on the beach every Thursday morning. Even though its been going on since June, I just found out about it, so I tried it out last week. Well, I was the ONLY one who showed up last week, so I got a "private" session. WOW! Today I went again, and again, no one else showed up. My 2nd "private" session. Did I mention, for FREE?? I'm loving this. We go at my pace, and the yogi is able to give me a few suggestions and extra tips...which is fabulous since I'm such a novice. This is going until the end of September so I'm hoping to make it each week. mmmmmmmmm....