Saturday, October 24, 2009

A new family tradition?

Last night Paulo got home early - which means 6:30pm.  We had a yummy dinner together.  Pause here for sidenote - we tried a new pizza place - FINALLY, good pizza, make that great pizza here on the South Shore!!   After dinner, Paulo  changed the boy into pjs while I quickly cleaned up the kitchen/house and got everything ready for movie night.  Since Thomas is so into trains as of late, we decided to watch Polar Express a little early in the season.  Thomas LOVED it.  No all...ever... that this boy has A.D.D.  At 2yrs 6days old he sat on the couch and watched the whole thing, start to finish.  And Paulo and I enjoyed a big family cuddle as we snuggled on either side of him.  This was a VERY cool evening.  I think its the beginning of a new tradition.

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