Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where is my baby?

I've always thought of 2 yrs old as the passage from baby/toddler to little person.  And now I really know that is true, now that Thomas turned 2 this past weekend.  We had a whilrwind weekend - whilrwind as in 2 parties, 2 cakes, lots of presents resulting in a flutter of wrapping paper, a marathon session for daddy putting together our gift, and most of all, and most unexpectedly, a whirlwind of tears - and not from the tantrumming 2 year old.  No - the tears were from Mama and Daddy.

I was with a dear friend of mine when her youngest turned 2, and I remember she was a mush of emotions that day.  I didn't judge her, or chide her.  I just hugged her and listened...all the while, not having an ounce of understanding as to why she was so overcome.  This was before I was even pregnant, and at the time, of course, I thought I could understand, but in hindsight, I know that I had NO clue.  I thought of this wonderful friend a lot this weekend - as I cried my way through 3 days.  NOW I get it.  Now I understand all the emotion.  Two years is such a milestone.  And before you email me, yes I know, every birthday is a milestone.  But 2 years is one of those rites of passage - just like 13, 18, 21, 30, 40, etc etc.  I thought first birthday was huge, and it certainly is, but I guess 2nd birthday snuck up on me without giving me any hints or notes of preparation that it would be overwhemling for us, the parents of this beautiful, wonderful, joyful child. 

Emotions aside, it was a wonderful weekend.  We celebrated Saturday with Paulo's dad and brother.  They indulged Thomas with gifts of his passion - cars, trucks, and ramps.  And they further indulged him when he made them do the Hokey Pokey 3 times!!

Sunday, my family came to celebrate.  Nana, Big T, Uncle Buck (aka Drew) and Alyssa all spoiled the boy with fabulous gifts, too numerous to list.   And when we had the cake and candles, Thomas loved it so much he yelled out "More" so we had to relight the candles and sing "Happy Birthday" a second time!  PS - he's had leftover cake twice this week and each time I served it I had to sing Happy Birthday again.  Boy is he going to be all confused tomorrow when we sing Happy Birthday to Daddy.

All this news of festivities and presents, I almost forgot to mention the big present from Paulo and I.  We've been chomping at the bit to get him a train set ever since we visited friends this summer and he spent hours playing with their sons' trains.  So we finally got him a train table with wooden train cars and tracks.  It took Paulo FOUR hours to put it together - Phew.  Then it took me another hour to glue the whole thing.  But it was worth it - just look at his expression.


Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your joys and yes, tears. I do understand. I am praying for all of you and am happy to see your liitle man being so content with life. Enjoy!

Becky said...

I get it. Two was hard for me because it seemed like the changing point from my "baby", to my "little boy"- which was a HUGE leap. Bigger than I expected and very bittersweet. I didn't see it comming, but then it smacked me right in the heart.

Happy Birthday to Thomas! Very cool train set!