Monday, November 2, 2009

The BEST halloween EVER!!

I've never been a big fan of halloween.  For a few reasons - I don't like to dress up, I don't like the feeling of leftover candy and all the mind games it plays on me, and quite honestly, we don't live in a "neighborhood" and don't know our neighbors, so I don't really feel safe going to strangers doors with a 2 yr old. However, we had a wonderful invitiation from our awesome friends Laura, Savannah and Katrina to go to their house and trick or treat in their neighborhood. They live in a very safe development with tons of little kids and lots of trustworthy people.!!

Thomas really enjoyed himself, and he got the hang of it immediately.  Now, we are not a candy house.  Thomas has had candy maybe 5 times in the past year.  But he knew he was getting candy, and he held onto his trick or treat bag with gusto.  I kept asking if he wanted me to take some out and put it in the stroller so it wouldn't be so heavy - NO!  He held that bag all night long.  We hit about 30 houses in 2 hours then headed on back to our friends house.  I hope this is a new Halloween Tradition!

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