Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of 2009

I could post this now, in time, without a pic....or I could post it late with a pic.  I win - posting it now.

How was your Christmas?  Did you get everything you wanted?  And I don't mean under the tree.  I mean for your day....for your celebration.  Did you get a cozy day with your family?  Or a big, loud fun-filled day with your friends and family?  Whatever you wished for, I hope you got to do it.

I've been really, I mean REALLY, enjoying the Christmas lull.  Meaning - I've been enjoying no schedules, no plans, no lists, no to-do's.  Just plain old relaxing.  And its been mighty cold and windy here, so cozying up at home is about all one wants to do this week.  Christmas here was wonderful.  We attended Christmas Eve service at our church.  While singing carols and squeezing into the crowded pew, I was overcome with such a warm feeling being a member of our church body.  We then enjoyed a quiet evening with Paulo's dad, brother and sister in law.  The boy was our entertainment - as he well should be.  Christmas morning we opened all our gifts - Thomas was a hoot.  He figured out that each family member's gifts had their own wrapping so he started making piles next to each of us.  He was a little overwhelmed, but then found his stride and enjoyed everything.  Christmas day my aunt, uncle, cousins and their children all came - it was our first "full" family holiday in 7 years, and it was AWESOME!!  I thought it would be crazy, being crammed into our small house, but it wasn't at all - family never does feel that way.  We had a great day and a wonderful meal - everyone pitched in a little something.  I was so glad they made the trip.

So now its New Year's Eve.  Pretty soon it will all be over, everyone will take down all their lights and decorations, the radio stations have already gone back to the regular programming, and the world will go on again, as it always does.  That makes me sad.  While I love the opportunities a new year brings about, I hate that it also marks the end of such a beautiful season. I'll let you in a little secret - I'm not going to undecorate!!  Nope.  Not even a little....not yet.....not soon......

I'm going to sign off now, cozy up on the couch with a snack, a blanket and a good movie, while I write my "2010 list".  Happy New Year to you all.