Thursday, December 3, 2009

A list you don't ever want to make

If you ever have to list all your jewelry, let it be for the rider you're adding to your insurance policy....or to count how you've been blessed materially....or for your will and how you will split it all up between your children and grandchildren.

DON'T let it be because you're house was broken into and everything on the list was taken.

Like the list I'm creating right now.

Because our home was broken into this week and they took the whole jewelry box.  No, not everything in the box.  THE...WHOLE...BOX...AND...everything in it.

It sucks, but THANK YOU DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER that we are all safe.  We weren't home.  And all they got was jewelry.  Not the things that really matter. 

Its been a tough week.  I'm going to keep hugging and kissing my boys for quote a while until I feel safe again.  I hope that is soon.  Really soon.

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