Friday, January 8, 2010

The definition of a love / hate relationship

I love snow.  The picturesque beauty of a snow covered town. The quietness that falling snow brings.  The coziness of snow days.  Playing in the snow and sledding. 

I hate the shoveling, the driving, and most of all, getting all geared up in a multitude of layers so that one can go out and play in the snow.

Maybe I just love the idea of playing in the snow....

Or do I?

Today I bundled us up and dragged Thomas myself outside to play.  It was essential.  I've been edgy, agitated and grumpy down right nasty these past 2 days so I knew I needed something drastic.  Desperate times call for desperate measures - and going out in the cold and snow seemed like desperate to me.  

So Thomas and I walked to the park, I placed him on the sled, and I dragged him around the big open field...3x.....huffing and puffing the whole time as I trudged through the unbroken drifts of snow.  And?  It....felt....great.  It was just what I needed.  Fresh air, exercise, a little sweat, all while listening to the excited chatter, oooh and aaaahs from my boy.

Maybe I don't hate the snow after all.  Just maybe.......

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Mary said...

I know just how you feel. Snow is Oh so much work and oh so much fun for some. Me? I just enjoy looking at the beuty of it all.