Sunday, January 3, 2010

First pics of the new year

We've had about a foot of snow over the past 2 days,  so yesterday we took Thomas out to enjoy his first real snow (I was much too wimpy last winter to drag a 15 month old out in the cold and snow).  It took him a little while to get use to the cold stuff.  He wanted me to carry him - which I didn't.  And he kept complaining about the snow getting on his new boots.  Not IN his boots - just ON them.  After about 20 or so minutes he finally got into it.  We also broke out the sled we gave Thomas for Christmas. We didn't actually go sledding - we just pulled him around.  Luckily, he didn't know the difference, and didn't care at all - he was quite happy just being pulled around.  

I'm holed up in my office for a few hours- trying to get it organized once again.  I keep thinking one of these times, the way I get it set up and functioning - it will stick and I'll be able to keep it this way.  I'm looking for the magic touch - think this will be the time?


The Faiths said...

Glad he got over the "snow on the boots" thing...looks like he had a blast! Don't you love when they are so entertained by the simplest of things!

Courtney Walsh said...

Such cute pictures!! I am still trying to get organized too...and get used to the quiet of my house with only one child home most of the day! I don't think I like it!

Mary said...

Looks like a great time! He is sure growing up fast. Enjoy this time it flies. It seems like just yesterday I was doing the same things as you with mine and puff They are all gone. Love ya, Mary