Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nourish Part 1 of 7 - Body

Its seems like "fixing my body" is always on my goals list.  I'm always wanting to lose the weight, get healthy, exercise more.  But I know I'm not alone - don't we all feel that way?  This year, I'm hoping that changing my perspective on this matter will help me to have a "breakthrough" and help me to really embrace a healthy way of life and finally make a dent in this goal.

Instead of losing xxx pounds so I'll look better, and yes, be healthier, I'm going to focus on doing things for my body that nourish it....and by that I mean, nourish my whole body, and mind - not just the little gremlin screaming for junk food every night about 10pm.

So here are some areas I will be working on:

COOKING: I love to cook - I mean L.O.V.E. to cook.  I taught myself about 2 yrs ago and now its a passion.  I love how you take these xxx ingredients and one day they make a really savory pasta dish, but another day they make a spicy mexican casserole.  That's neat.   I actually find cooking relaxing - must be all the yummy smells.  It helps me unwind.  And I've also convinced myself that whatever I'm making, since I control the ingredients, its gotta be healthier than ordering it out - even if just a smidge.  So I want to get back to cooking regularly.  It seems like the month of December I didn't cook.  But I know that's not true.  I just didn't try any new recipes or dishes.  So I want to back to being adventurous in the kitchen.  I also want to learn how to bake healthy snack-y food and healthy baked goods - muffins, "bars", cookies.  I guess now that I know how to cook, its time to learn how to bake. 

WALKING / DANCING: You'd think I'd put exercise in general, but after 20 yrs of being at this deliberately, I've realized the only "aerobic" activity I enjoy is walking and dancing.  I'm not a good dancer, but with the sweatin to the oldies dvd's, anyone can dance.  So now that I've identified what I like (yea, cause that was my obstacle all this time - figuring out what I like), I need to make make it a higher priority.  I love a nice long walk on the beach, I feel so energized.  And its not just because of the endorphins from working my body at a higher level blah, blah, blah.  Its the fresh air, the free time, the communion with nature - one of Gods greatest works.  I love the carefree feeling after a good 30 minutes sweatin to the 80's music - like I've just been out for a good night of dancing without the learning men and drunk women in a stale smelly bar scene.  Now that Paulo is home so much more during daylight hours, there are no more excuses.  Cause let's face it folks - the other to do's on my list aren't that important.  At least not as important as my health. 

YOGA: I took a few sessions last summer and really liked it.  I bought a really good book too - its has great pictures, the best written directions I've ever seen for any "learn from a book" activity, and really good descriptions and explanations of the benefits each of these poses does for the body.  Descriptions I can get on board with and really understand the "lamens" reason for wanting to do these.  So I'd really like to practice more - even if its just once a week.  You may wonder why I'm listing yoga seperate from exercise.  When I've done yoga, I certainly feel like I've worked out, but not in a sweaty way, or a "kill me now" way.  And I certainly feel all the benefits the next day, or next several days actually.  I just know that I feel different when I'm doing it and therefore I think of more as an activity that's good for me, that relaxes me, but it just doesn't feel like exercise. 

PLAYING:  a n y t h i n g.  Yes I mean it.  Having an active toddler around makes me realize everything and anything can be movement and play.  And I want to move with him and play with him.  He's already into running around the yard kicking the soccer ball, and he loves to chase, and he wants me to drag him around in his sled.  So if I could get myself in shape enough to do all these things with him, without huffing and puffing, and without having to beg off 5 minutes in, then that is my ultimate goal.  I figure since I'm so out of shape now, I can set my fitness goals to grow with him - chasing a 2 year, to playing on the beach with a 3 year old, to playing soccer with a 4 year old, and so on.   I just hope my 18 year old isn't a long distance runner who wants to do the Boston Marathon to put on his college applications.  But who knows - if I really do grow with him, maybe we'll run the marathon together.

So, you see, rather than listing the number of pounds to lose, or a deadline for my perfect size (as in my 20th high school reunion weekend sometime in 2010 - yikes), I'm changing my thinking to more like that of a mom who provides nutrition and activity for her child.  Only I'm the child, and its me I need to provide sound nutrition and activity for. NOURISH. 

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