Thursday, February 4, 2010

NOURISH Part 2 of 7 - Spirit

Spirit can be whatever you want it to be for you, but for me, its my relationship with my Lord.  Which right now, I fear, is lukewarm.  I say that because although I've given my life to Christ, and I believe I am following, at least listening to and trying to follow, His plan for me and my family, I don't have a fervent prayer life and I'm not a faithful reader of the Bible.  Of course, I have a million excuses.  Actually, make that one very good, very active 2.3 yr old excuse, but either way I put it - its not good. Its not right.

PRAYER: I'm tired of being a crisis prayer warrior.  Cause let me tell you people, when there's a crisis, I can pray!  And actually, when something great happens, or some serious prayer request has been fulfilled, I'm really good praise too.   But you know all those other days.  Those other hours.  Those other moments.  When things are just going along as a typical day does.  I think they call it the daily grind.  Its those times that I'm not in prayer the way I really want to be, the way I'm really meant to be.  Because I do believe we are put here to glorify God.  And I'm just not glorifying the way I should be.  So I want to work on this area of my life.  I have some ideas and plans, but what I need to do is just put my money where my mouth is.  I certainly know how to waste a lot of time blogging, cruising the internet, and don't even get me started on how much time I spend lurking on facebook, or watching useless TV (Lost doesn't count).  If I could just apply 1/2 of my time in those activites to prayer, I could very well move mountains! 

THE WORD: I keep saying I need to be in the word more.  I keep trying to start the "bible in a year" track.  I keep putting the bible in a key spot in my home so I'll have no reason not to open it.  But with no success. Because apparently, as I've learned in these year, just putting a bible out in the middle of the dining room table, doesn't mean the pages open up, the verses jump in front of you, and the message is memorized.  Hmmmmm - are you as shocked as I am?  I also belong to a bible study, in which we study....wait for it....the bible.  But in my years in this group, I have never once completed one full study, day 1 to last day, beginning to end.  So rather than trying to re-invent the wheel on this whole "how do I stay in the word more?" why don't I!  So that is my commitment this semester.  To actually do the entire study, the whole thing, beginning to end.  THAT will in and of itself accomplish me being in the word, don't you think?

Filling my head with and my spirit with the truth, the right message, the goodness that God has planned for me in this life, on this planet, would certainly do a lot to Nourish me.  I'm looking forward to it. 

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