Thursday, February 11, 2010

NOURISH - Part 3 of 7: My Marriage

Valentine's Day is this weekend.  And eight days later is our 7 year wedding anniversary.  WOW!!  Seven years.  Its hard to believe.  Sometimes it feels like a lifetime....and sometimes it feels like its just not possible that its been that long.  I meet/talk to other couples that have been married in that 5-10 yr range and they tell me all they've done: moved xx times; bought and sold x number of houses;  had 1,2,3,4 kids; changed jobs, or even careers. 

I look at Paulo and I.  Same house, and one child.  Notice I don't say only one child because that sounds negative and there is nothing negative about that one boy!  But I digress.....

But then I look back on all that has happened in our seven years of marriage and I realize how far we've come, how much we've grown, how special our relationship is.  I also realize though that there is so much more room for improvement. There is ALWAYS room for improvement.  Because over our seven years together our lives and circumstances have changed, have bettered and now we need to live up to this level.  I have to admit - the plans I have for improvement are all of my own - they aren't expectations I'm putting on Paulo, or things I've told him he needs to do.  I do not expect to change him, or expect him to change.  I expect me to change, so I'm better for him.

I know I'm being very vague here.  I wanted to share with you my goals this year, and wanted to share a little in depth about these goals, but then I realized that some things need to be kept between a man and wife.  Some aspects of marriage should not be made public.  Sharing with you all on this blog is such a privilege for me, but it also leaves a lot of our info out there, for the world to see, and know, and even comment on.  And this is just not info that I want to share.  I hope you understand. 

We are going away this weekend - the 3 of us.  It is a much needed weekend away.  We need a change of scenery, a change of pace.  I hope it is all we are looking for.... and more.

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