Saturday, February 20, 2010

The problem with reading

I have had phases in my life of voracious reading.  (a phase I'm apparently in right now seeing that I used a big fancy word like voracious).  I loved to read as a kid and teen, dropped it in college for obvious reasons, then got back into it again when I was a working gal and commuting on the train or boat 2 hrs a day.  Funny thing, when I was on bedrest during my pregnancy, one would think I read a lot.  However, I didn't. I let my brain go to mush then.  With all my anxiety and stress then, I couldn't concentrate well enough.

This past year or so, I've gotten back into reading again.  I just love a good book.  And it does so much for my brain and my vocabulary.

However, when I get a good book, I  CANNOT put it down!!  So my house, my chores, my husband, and yes my child, suffer greatly.  Case in point - this weekend I was completely engrossed in my book, so thankfully Paulo was around.  Yesterday though Daddy had to work, so during nap time I got involved in my book, instead of my laundry, cleaning, and dishes.  By the time Thomas woke up, I was at such a pivotal point in the book, I couldn't just put it aside for 5 hours until bed time.  So Thomas watched a movie.  YES - there it is - I put on a movie for my child so I could be selfish.  I'm sure he'll be damaged for life.  And now that I'm posting it my blog, he'll even have written proof to take with him to his shrink.

Something else happened though.  I got to finish my book, and felt relaxed and rejevenated, so after the movie I spent attentive, devoted time with Thomas.  And he loved that!

Here are my recommendations from the past month:
The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown: if you love history, you'll love this book.  Its not heavy reading, very fast moving, and it takes place in DC so there's tons of really neat info about our capital city.
Firefly Lane - Kristen Hannah: I discovered Kristen Hannah summer of 08 and fell in love.  Have read many of her books and this is THE BEST one of them all.  This is the book you want to take on your vaca, or to read on the beach this summer.
Susannah's Garden - Debbie Macomber: Also discovered this author summer of 08.  Her books are simple and clean (no smut or language) -  very heartwarming.  This book in particular had a few twists so it was gripping!

What have you been reading lately?  I'd love to know.  BUT - don't tell me Twilight!  I'm not against it - I've just  been told 100x over already that I MUST MUST read it, but I haven't yet started.  I guess I'm afraid of what damage would occur around here once I'm engrossed!!!!

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