Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I like pina coladas....and getting caught in the rain

Remember that song from the late 70's?  Escape by Rupert Holmes - talk about a one-hit wonder. That summarizes our  2 weeks in Florida.  But don't you just hate it when people are lucky enough to get 2 weeks off from work, a free place to stay - with babysitting - and then come home and whine about it?

Yea, me too.  That's why I'll give you our vacation highlights in the format of "What I learned".

- I learned that the time share communities in the Orlando area have this fabulous service where a doctor makes house calls.  It is soooo convenient....which means it is sooooo expensive.  But at least we found out quickly that Thomas had a double ear infection and got him started on anti-biotics right away.  It saved the whole Disney portion of the trip.

- I learned that you REALLY should pay attention to the weather reports when you are planning which day to go to the Magic Kingdom.
- I learned that I'm very happy with Martin Memorial Hospital as the choice of care for my parents in their winter months in Florida.  I know this because I spent 6 hours in the ER with my dad for another severe case of Cellulitis in his foot.  The doctors took excellent care of him, admitted him quickly, and gave us a lot of information that we didn't previously have about this condition, why Dad got it again, and why he will always be pretty susceptible to it.

- I learned that two weeks might just be too long to take a 2.5yr old on vacation.  When the child tells you "You take me home now", you know he's about done.

- I learned I really do pack too much, especially when I went to the store my mom has been raving about for years and bought an entire new summer wardrobe.  I'm not exaggerating folks - I truly bought more clothes than I had actually brought.  Unpacking and repacking curbside at the airport to meet the 50lb luggage maximum was a bit crazy at 5:30am today.

- I learned that pina colodas can make things a little better.

I think the real problem was that last year we had such low expectations and our trip then was awesome, so this year we set our expectations really high. That was our fault.  I guess the most important lesson I learned is that when vacationing, especially with a child, ANYTHING can happen, so you just got to go with the flow.

I did learn some other valuable lessons too: 

Witnessing your husband and son experience Disney for the first time together is absolutely priceless

Riding on rides I don't like can be really fun with the right person
Sand really isn't that bad 
I loooooooove an evening out with my husband...especially in a tropical setting....with pina coladas. 

That no matter what the issues, the weather or the plans that go awry - two weeks away, with great help and hospitality from my parents, are bound to have lots of fun moments and many happy memories.


Courtney Walsh said...

ok. 1. I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering how you've been. 2. I love, love the pics of you guys at Disney!! The one of the two of you is my favorite. 3. I have discovered that about 4 days away is plenty long for me. The day I discover a TRULY enjoyable vacation I think I will just put it on repeat year after year. That hasn't happened yet!! 5. Your son is ADORABLE. :)

The Faiths said...

So glad you had so many memories (good & bad). I think my most favorite thing about this post is where you state "pina coladas make things a little better"--and then precede to show a pic of Thomas sipping out of a cup...HILARIOUS. Although, don't worry I know it was just you taking yummy sips!

Buck Stodgers said...

So right above a picture of your son drinking from a plastic cup, you wrote this: "I learned that pina colodas can make things a little better."

Time to call child services...