Thursday, March 4, 2010

So much

So much going on here, so this post will catch up, but will also be completely random.

I am going on the women's retreat with my church this weekend.  We are going to Newport, RI, to a fabulous B&B and after a sneak peak of the curriculum today, we will be studying about some of God's amazing truths.  I'm ready for this weekend, but of course I'm sad to leave my boys.  Yea, that will last the 15 minute ride it takes to go pick up "my girls".  The sadness will be completely faded out by the time we reach Newport.  I really shouldn't say I'm sad, because I'm actually elated and relieved that it is this easy to leave for the weekend.  Paulo is such a great dad, so involved, that I just pack myself up and off I go - no instructions, no preparations.  And I know how much the boys will enjoy their weekend together.

I'm also busily packing for our family vacation which begins next week.  And of course this means mountains of laundry.  I know, I know - why in the world would anyone schedule these 2 trips back to back.  I don't know.  Seemed workable when I booked it all.  Not so much now.  Will I ever learn?  Probably not.

Thomas is great.  He comes out the funniest things all day long - he just cracks us up!  This week he has begun picking out his own clothes.  I know this can be high drama when you have girls, but so far it seems pretty easy for boys.  They wear gray, black, tan, or blue pants or jeans - all of which pretty much go any colored shirt.  So I'm all for encouraging him being in charge of wardrobe.  I'm sure once he decides to wear the same thing day in and day out (like his Thomas the train sweatshirt), I'll pull the plug on all this independence. Oh, he's also started to lay down in the bathtub - on his back!!  He's always been okay laying on his stomach, but now he's laying on his back, ears submerged in the water and all.  I think he's getting ready for swimming!

We're at a new stage that is taking me a little by surprise.  Our house is set up sort of like a split level - living, dining,  kitchen and bedrooms all upstairs, playroom/family room, office, another kitchen (don't ask) and laundry/bathroom downstairs.  Until now, Thomas has always needed/wanted us to be with him wherever he was.  So we would set up camp downstairs in the playroom pretty much all day excpet for meals and nap, then head upstairs for dinner and the evening routine.  Now, Thomas is able to be up or down without us, and he's okay with it.  Its great that he's so independent, but its weird.  After having this extended appendage for 2 years+, this gravitation apart is just....well...different.  In a good way.

I've been cooking a lot lately, which I'm really enjoying.  Cooking is very relaxing to me.  Pick a playlist on my ipod that fits my mood, make a big ole mess, get the whole house smelling good, eat delicious results.  Now, if I could just find someone to clean up the kitchen at the end of the whole evening.  I finally perfected making risotto, so I may never go out to eat again.  Okay....that's probably not true.  Okay....its not at all true.  But I'm really excited (and a bit proud) that I can make my favorite "order out" food at home now. And its not nearly as unhealthy as I had thought so I can make it whenever!

So that's about it for now.  I'm sure there's more, but I have to pack some more, and pick the kitchen, and get some rest!  Happy weekend to you all.

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