Monday, March 29, 2010


Of the 31 days in march, I'll have only been home 11.  Three, yes, THREE back to back trips this month - retreat, Florida, and most recently, weekend jaunt to CT for a wedding shower and to visit friends.  All very nice trips.  Each time I returned home highly annoyed.  And I felt bad about that.  I constantly say that I love our home.  Its small, but cozy and meets all our needs, so I feel very bad that I'm annoyed.  And then I realized why.

When you stay at hotels, time share condos, B&B's, other people's homes - they all have one thing in common?  They are ALL absent of my STUFF!!  Yes, my suitcase is there with our clothes, some of Thomas' toys and books, but the table isn't strewn with all the mail of the week, library books, my keys, etc.  And the closet isn't busting at the seams with all my stuff.  Things are rather nice and neat - not just the hotels, but people's homes too. 

My stuff is starting to bug me - I mean REALLY bother me.  As part of my NOURISH plan, I was going to work on developing a sense of peace and balance about my home being in perfect order.  While I'm still working on that, I've decided a key to that achievement would be to get rid of lots of my stuff!!

So whether it is indeed due to being other places that promoted cleanliness, order and calm; or spring cleaning (if spring would ever really get here), or maybe I've just had enough, I'm on a mission to get this place organized and get rid of STUFF and this place organized once.....and.....for.....all.

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