Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I don't want to rant here.  Or complain.  Or whine.  That's not the purpose for my blog. 

However, at this time, I need to state that I'm seriously overwhelmed right now.  With a lot of "things": like getting the house clean, planting my summer herbs, doing research on a project, figuring out how to upload videos from my new vid camera, working my Disney scrapbook, reading the 7 books I have in progress, doing my menu planning, food shopping, etc etc etc. But I'm particularly overwhelmed so much more by the thoughts and decisions that occupy my brain all....day....long.  Things that are too personal and private to share right now - but could really use prayer. 

So every night I'm exhausted.  And what do I do?  I go to bed, too early.  Which means of course that I don't accomplish what I need to.  What I do accomplish is a lot of worry and anxiety while lying in bed each night, unable to fall asleep because my brain is spinning.  Cycle of chaos.  And it doesn't help that Paulo is in the exact same situation at the exact same time.  You know how usually, hopefully, one spouse is "up" while the other is "down".  Not the case here currently.

So please bear with me this week while I try to get some semblance of order and priority and don't have a fun post for the week....maybe two.  Don't give up on me though.  I have lots of great posts planned (another thing on my list of to do's).  And just to ensure a little patience and understanding, I'm going to bribe you with some pics of the boy....which is all you really stop by for anyway - hee hee!


The Faiths said...

Hang in there...The "boy" is adorable as usual!

Cari said...

Yuck, I know what you mean, and the worst part about having a million things you want to accomplish, at least for me, is that my brain goes into over drive and I lose desire to do anything. Hang in there. You will be in my prayers!