Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tis the season

Aaaahhh - it was sooo lovely today to have the windows wide open and the breeze blowing through the house.

Booooo - it was so yicky today to have the windows open, the breeze blowing through the house, and Thomas rubbing, rubbing, RUBBING his eyes. 

Yes folks - as I gladly welcome the warm weather, the sunshine and all things blossoming, my poor son is suffering with this seasonal/environmental allergies.  And in just 48 hours he has it bad.  So starting tomorrow we button up the house again and go straight to central AC as needed.  Don't get me wrong - we are darned lucky to have the central air, especially since it is medically advised until about July 4th weekend, but its yicky to have to keep the house all closed up. At least I washed some windows and the sunlight can stream in.

Tis the season I guess.


Kate said...

I feel sorry for your little man - allergies are awful!

I'm jealous that you have clean windows... I cannot say the same for me ;-)

Courtney Walsh said...

Oh, I do love to open the windows!! But I brings in a lot of pollen and dust (who am I kidding...the dust is already in here!) Sad Sad that he is suffering! :(