Thursday, May 20, 2010

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I'm getting a little behind in posting.  I'll tell you why - I'm using a new post-production editing program for my photos these days, and I'm still trying to figure it out.  I love it because it allows me to do so much more with my pictures - not just in editing, but in actually taking the photos because I can use a different/better format when I take them.  But its a tricky program to master so I'm slow in getting my pics uploaded and ready for posting.  And I know you all only drop by to see the pics - hee hee.

So what's been going on?  The weather has been great so we've been going to the playground a lot.  Thomas loves the slide and the swing.  He spends hours on just those 2 things.  He's even allowing me to push him in the stroller to get to the playground, so I've been able to get some walking in these days - FINALLY.  Gosh, I really did let myself go this winter.  But now I'm enjoying the fresh air and just moving my body - no matter how slow it is these days.  I've even starting bribing my dad with dinner if he'll come early to watch the boy while I take a walk myself ....with my iPod.  Mmmmmmm.....

As I type this, Thomas has just scaled the baby gate into the office.  Guess that's not going to keep him out anymore.  Might as well take it down.  Yikes - he is getting so big.

Speaking of new things with Thomas.....W.O.W.  The changes in him these days are amazing.  His brain is definitely working on all 4 cylinders....or however you put it.  He is putting concepts together at rapid fire pace.  Today I asked if he wanted to take him milk with us down to the playroom with him and he said "That's a GREAT idea mama!".  I laughed so hard!  The other day when we were walking he saw a "cow dog".  It was a little scruffy/moppy dog that had the coloring and spotting of a holstein cow - so cow dog!  He is so smart it scares me.  He has learned all the letters, so now we're starting on sounding them out.  At this rate he'll be reading books to himself while he sits in his sopping wet diaper sucking on his binky.  Yup, that's right - we are not making ANY progress on binky or potty training.  As my bloggy friend Courtney says "Don't judge me".

I've also noticed in the past week or so that Thomas' "typical two yr old terribles and tantrums" seems to be subsiding.  I don't know if its the fresh air, the ability to communicate with us better, or that I'm back on the drugs, but Thomas is just so happy and so funny and so delightful again.  I tell him every night "I had a great day with you buddy.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow".

Paulo is working waaaay too much, but that is busy season.  And when I say waaay too much I mean 40hrs overtime in one week!  Is that even legal?  He's exhausted, and misses us, and we miss him.  I'm so proud of how he just gets up and goes each day and just says "its my job".  While I did have very good work ethic as a professional, I don't think I was ever THAT good.  Its about this time each year that I ask "Should we re-evaluate and should I go back to work?".  But he is adament that I don't - which I am so thankful for.  I wonder if I'd ask the question if I knew there was even the slightest chance of a different answer.

Oh, Thomas and I have started doing yoga too.  And when I "doing yoga" I mean we've done it 2 days, but that's huge for me.  I bought this really neat instructional tool and it actually really works for me.  Thomas loves to do something, anything with me and he's actually pretty good - with his own "special poses". 

I will close this post with a book recommendation. And when I say recommendation, what I mean is "YOU MUST READ THIS"!!!  "I Will Carry You" is written by Angie Smith. I've been following Angie's blog for 2 years, and have been a huge fan of her husband Todd's music group Selah for many, many years. This is Angie's story about their daughter, but it is so much more than that.  It is a story about faith - and when I say faith I mean, faith like we all want but most cannot begin to imagine having at the very worst moment of our lives.   Here is a bit of what I wrote to Angie after reading her book:

"Thank you for sharing your story, your precious baby girl, your beautiful family, your huge heart, and your amazing soul with all of us through your book.

First of all, I read it in one night, in one sitting.  I knew I would cry, but did not expect to be overcome with gut wrenching sobbing.  I also did not expect some of the out loud laughter that arose from my spirit.  I have to pause here and tell you that the story of Kate and the balloon had me in absolute stitches.  I live with that exact 2 1/2 year old at this very moment and couldn't understand how he, my son, was in your book!  That's how perfectly you capture everything in words.  I've been reading your blog and didn't know how much of the book would repeat what I've read there. Not the case at all.  I was BLOWN AWAY with the lessons in your book.  And one more thing that I really want to applaud.  I've read other books written by wonderful Christians, who have important stories, but their writing was a little "lacking", if I could be so honest.  You have a true gift.  The way in which you weave your words, open your heart, get right into the readers heart is just truly amazing.  I pray that we will all be reading much more of your work in the years to come.  You have so much to share and so much to teach.

I'm not at all experiencing your heartbreaking situation, but I have had my own heartaches.  And that is why I loved your story, and why your book is SO IMPORTANT for the whole world.  It was all about sweet Audrey, but of course it was so much more.  It was about glorifying God.  And I must tell you Angie - your book has convicted me so much more in certain areas than any other books / bible studies / lessons / sermons in my 9 years as a Christian.  Thank you for that.  I will carry with me always what God revealed to me through you.

Lastly - thank you for sharing your daughter with me.  I know that I will never know her the way you, Todd, the girls, your whole family knew her, but I do feel like I've met her, I've gotten to know her personally, and she will forever touch my life, and the life of my own family.  Thank you for that. 

Angie - I know I've gone on and on, and maybe you won't have time to read this, and most certainly not time to write back.  That's okay - you don't need to.  But I needed to write to you.  No matter what my own story, I could never write it like you, but I can thank you for doing so." 

Go....NOW....order the book.  Make a reservation for yourself with your kids and husband - ask them for one night off.  A night that you can cozy up on the couch /your bed/your favorite chair, with your tea, or wine (gasp!), and your box of tissues.  Once you start, you will not put this down.  (I'm not a particularly fast reader so when I say you can do it in a night, don't feel intimidated).  You will devour this book.  Bring a pen too, because you will probably make notes and do some underlining.  And lastly - if you are not a believer, a Christian, a "religious person" - read it anyway.  It is truly powerful.

That's all for now folks.  And really, isn't that enough of me anyway?

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