Saturday, August 21, 2010

WARNING - Pictures of poops and potties

Next to natural childbirth - which thankfully I was spared - potty training was the thing I feared the most. I said I would do it in May or June, but told myself we couldn't do it til binky went bye-bye. When binky took a hike, I was spared the chore because it was now July and we had vacation!  On the ride home from vaca I told Paulo "Definitely August... late August"

Then out of the blue one evening I asked Thomas if he wanted to try the potty.  And he did - with success. Then twice more that night.  As I poured myself to bed that night I realized, with dread, "this is it - its time".  Which actually was a blessing because I didn't have weeks leading up to a scheduled "start date" to get all worked up and stressed about it.  Just one night of lost sleep.

(notice how potty training the boy is all about me and my issues up til this point?)

So on the morning of Tuesday Aug 3 we officially began.  For 4 straight days I locked us in the house and set the timer for every 30 minutes.  Yes, you read that right - E V E R Y 30 minutes.  It got so I started hearing that timer in my sleep.  But it seemed to work - cause the boy cannot argue with a timer.  Mama, yes...timer - not so much. 

The first few days seemed to go well, then the next 2 seemed to be bad, then finally we had a breakthrough - and a breakout.  We had a party to attend here in town - we were getting out of the dang house!!!  We brought our potty, and the boy kept his pants dry ALL DAY LONG!  Upon arriving home that night, he furthered his progress and did poopie on the potty - which was a first!!

So now here we are 2 weeks later.  Most days he only has 1 accident, and occasionally he'll poop in the potty.  He has graduated to climing up on the big boy potty by himself.  We have our ups and downs, but I think I've come to a point where switching out wet underpants and shorts is no worse than changing diapers.  Cause you know, I just love more laundry.  He seems to be saving poops for naps and nighttime when he wears a diaper.  FINE BY ME!  We'll tackle that milsetone in time. 

So, if you can stand the gory details of these past two weeks, here are the pics.  Enjoy!

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kshjah said...

OMG... only you would turn poop into a "Scrapbooking" moment! You crack me up!! And congrats MOM on such a huge milestone! I'm so very proud of you :) (oh and the boy too!)