Friday, October 8, 2010

What could be better than a new house?

a FABULOUS swingset for the boy, that's what!!!

Friends from church gave - yes GAVE - it to us. Their three girls and many foster children have grown up and moved on so they wanted it to go to a family who would get as much use out of it as they did. Knowing we had just purchased a new home, they called and just offered it to us!  Can you believe it!???!!  I still can't.  It is well used but you would never know it.  They took excellent care of it!  Last weekend, Paulo and 5 other guys dis-assembled, transported, and re-assembled it in our big new yard!  We replaced the swings, the tarp and the rope railings - that's it.
 Paulo and I were so excited for the reveal.  WE were the ones who were like little kids waiting for christmas morning. And Thomas did not at all disappoint with his reaction.  He asked if he could live in it - how's that for love at first sight.


Paulo and I both agreed it was one of the best days of our life - to not only be able to give our son a big, fenced in yard to play in, but through the generous spirit of others, to be able to give him such a wonderful swingset.

 Dreams really do come true.

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The Faiths said...

Looove it:) So cute how he asked if he could live there!!! What a deal-gift. (BTW-my blog posting was from my camera phone. I post from my phone all the time now. Cool right!)