Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kitchen updates

A lot has been happening at the house.  Big, important stuff - plumbing, framing, electrical.  But not real post and picture worthy - well, unless you want to see all my new plugs and recessed lights. boring

I can tell you one exciting thing.  While trying to install a new plug in the kitchen, Paulo discovered that the wall he was working on was actually a false wall.  It's the wall behind the floor to ceiling cabinets on the right hand side of this picture here

Paulo tore down the false wall to find 1.5 more feet.  Soooo, after lots of measuring and discussing, we've decided it makes more sense to build a walk in pantry in this space instead of putting cabinets back in.  Yes you read that right -  WALK IN PANTRY!!!!  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am - first tons of cabinets in the kitchen itself, and now a walk in pantry!!  You have to understand, our current home is SO lacking in storage.  Not just in the kitchen, but throughout the entire house.  When we looked at this house and discovered both a coat closet AND a linen closet, I was giddy.  To now be adding a full pantry, I'm over the moon!

We also decided to cut a "pass through" window from the dining room into the kitchen.  We did this to allow more light into the kitchen, but also to give a more open feel between the 2 rooms.  Now from the kitchen, through this window, I can see into the living and dining rooms and the den.  Here are the before and afters.

 BEFORE view from dining room
 BEFORE view from kitchen
 AFTER view from dining room - or actually "during"
AFTER view from kitchen (again - "during")

Plasterers are due in this weekend - I'll post more pics once they are done.  That should really show progress.

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