Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One step forward, two steps back

Aaaah, the house renovation.  I told you I wouldn't complain, but boy was I stupid!  I really had no idea how huge this would be.  Don't get me wrong - E.V.E.R.Y day there is so much progress, but every day there is also so much more to still get done in order to move in.  And my husband is working so tirelessly.  I'm so proud of him.  I will say that over and over and over again.

There's good news, bad news, good news.

GOOD NEWS - We're getting central air.

BAD NEWS - ...because we have to get a whole new heating system.  The boiler went ka-put. We knew it was old, but had really hoped we could get another year or two out of it.  Based on many factors, we've decided to put in a forced hot air system rather than replace the boiler. Thankfully, this all happened before all the major work was finished because the fitting and cutting for the new system will make quite a mess. 

GOOD NEWS - the plaster is just about all done!  We thought the development of the heating system issue would really set us back a week or so, but my brilliant husband figured out how we he could press on and so we did.  Finally - some good update pics to share.





And just for fun - some pics of Thomas enjoying the new yard.  We are also enjoying the new yard because it is FENCED IN!!  We feel so much safer with Thomas running around. (and before you email me - NO, he is never out in the yard alone, but you know how quickly a toddler can out-run you when he' making a break for it!)


The Faiths said...

Great before and after pics. I'm jealous of your walk-in pantry. So when you guys going out on the town in your MINI-VAN....hee, hee. Congrats on the new car and new everything else!

Jill said...

WOW... it looks amazing already! i can't wait to see the finished product!!!! You have one amazing husband.. give him a hug from me :)