Monday, November 1, 2010


The month of October could be considered a dry run for the holiday season in terms of shopping and celebrations.  We have 4 October birthdays in this family, and Halloween.  My parents also head south in October, so that's one more family dinner in the month. This year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for us all.  And yes - that is when I started listening to Christmas music.  Our tradition has always been holiday music can start Thanksgiving night - and since it was our Thanksgiving, the carols began! (like I needed a reason - ha!) 

Of course, this year we have added the big renovation project that is now in full swing over at the new house.  At the moment, it looks like things are getting worse rather than better.  For example, here is the before pic of the kitchen.

 And here is the kitchen now. 


All I can say is this house is going to exceed my wildest dreams when all is done.  We have decided to do a little more than originally planned.  I know - I'm the ONLY who didn't understand that ALWAYS happens when you do a reno - more, better, and custom!  But more on the house later.

For now, here is a smattering of random thoughts and pics from our whirlwind October:

Thomas birthday party was wonderful.  We had the family, which this year included our cousins Carrie and McKenzie - we were so excited to have them join us.  Thomas is in love with monster trucks, so we had a monster truck cake made for his special day.  In Thomas' very own words "it was ....AWESOME!"

Halloween was fun, despite a very sickly boy.  He has a raging cold, but did we keep him home?  Of course not.  There was candy out there for the getting!!  The carousel in town had a party, and then we went 'trick or treating' to just a few houses.  He got a kick out of everything.

I ask you - have you ever seen a cuter monkey?

In the midst of all this craziness, Paulo worked 67 hours last week - in just 5 days.  YES, I'm telling the honest truth here. And yes, that is actually legal - go figure.  He is the steward for his shop and it was contract negotiations last week.  UGH.  But - halleluiah - no strike, they got a contract, and they have jobs for the next 4 years.  Praise God!

AND...yes, the is more...AND, we have to buy a new car right now (don't ask - really).  So that has been going on for a few weeks and I think we finally have a deal. 

Phew - that was our whirlwind month, and we haven't even hit the holidays. 
Or finished the new house.
Or packed the old house.
Or moved. 

Gee - maybe I should be doing something else right now.  Bye!

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