Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The one without a catchy title

Twas the week after Christmas and all through the house, 
there must be mouse creatures stirring 
cause there are crumbs everywhere.
Crumbs....and messes...and new toys....
and gift bags still full of loot... 
and stuff. 

Christmas was wonderful here...despite all the things I let go this year, like:
- the quest for the perfect gift for each and every person.  It really is the thought that counts, not the year long pursuit for the best gift ever.  I mean - how would I even top that every year?
- The ridiculous goal to have everything cleaned, prepped, assembled, set and ready to go by 9am Christmas eve morning so I could leisurely get ready the rest of the day.  Of course I was cleaning the bathroom 3 minutes before leaving for church - cause that's how I roll.  
- The inane idea that I would serve a Martha Stewart perfect meal on Christmas Day when I don't serve it any other day of the year!  Heck, at noon on Christmas day I decided to ditch peeling, boiling and mashing fresh potatoes  in favor of reheating the leftover scalloped potatoes from the night before.  They were homemade 24 hours earlier - why the heck couldn't I re-serve them?
As I said, Christmas was still wonderful. was better.  Because we focused on the people, and the joy and the fun. We experienced simplicity and ease on Christmas eve, first attending the 3:30 service at our church as we do each year, and then home to host Paulo's dad, brother and wife for a yummy ham supper and then watching Thomas tear into his presents from all of them.  It was all very pleasant (that word is so underutitlized. Then we put cookies our for santa - our first year. 

Christmas morning was loud, chaotic, fast, and fun.  And we have only ONE child people!  My folks came over early to watch Thomas open his gifts so there was just the 5 of us, but it was still a bevvy of activity .  Thomas had a blast ripping through all the paper and bags to get to his gifts - and ours too.  And the one gift Daddy and I hoped to be the biggest hit was - Rocket and the kids from Little Einsteins.  He loved it!
 (Little did Thomas know how cost effective and green his favorite gift was!  Brand new, Rocket and the gang cost $299.00!!  Yes you read that right!   But Paulo, with all his patience and determination to get a deal, scoured ebay to find one and for $50 we got not one but TWO!  The seller had twins (Oh my word, how did she afford two rockets?).  So we have rocket and a back-up!!)

Paulo is a very generous gift giver, typically going way overboard.  With the house this year we agreed to keep it small and for the first time ever, he stuck to the deal, for which I am grateful.  I love the gifts he gave me - fewer did not at all mean less.  I got some much desired items for the kitchen, which I'm saving until we are settled in the new house and my new fabulous, custom designed and built kitchen.

Much as I miss Christmas day with the whole extended family, I loved the small quiet day with just us five while watching Thomas develop full-on toy A.D.D.  (3 minutes with one toy, then moved on to the next for another 3 minutes, then on to the next).  We all spent the day in our pajamas and just relaxed.  They say Christmas is for kids and we enjoyed letting that be so.

And we've spent the past 3 days housebound as well from the big blizzard that hit the Northeast.  While we didn't get as much snow as we wanted, we got enough, and then lots of ice.  And the wind if just finally dying down after 48 straight hours of gusting.  We lost power for just 6 hours and enjoyed the coziness of a fire in the fireplace.
Now I'm trying to relish this week after Christmas. Even though I don't work outside the home, this week still feels like a vacation week to me.  Maybe it always will.  So I'm taking a vacation this week.  No trying to keep on top of the house being clean and organized (although I think my husband would appreciate some clean laundry).  No fussing about schedules and routines.  And no thinking about all the work I have to do to take down Christmas and get this house packed up.

I HATE the post-Christmas let down.  Actually, I usually avoid it by keeping Christmas up around here until the end of January.  Not this year though.  This year we have something huge and wonderful and amazing to look forward to - our new house!!  (which I have new pics to post soon!)

I hope you get a little taste of vacation this week and the post-Christmas blues don't hit too hard.  Happy New Year all!

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