Friday, January 28, 2011

Could it be? ...and streams of consciousness

Could it really be that we are FINALLY moving????


Well, that is if I get us packed.  've been frantically packing for 3 days now while Paulo frantically finishes what he can at the new house.  Of course, there will still be some items left to take care of the first few weeks - the upper cabinets in the kitchen, closet doors, new front door, hang curtains, etc etc.  And there will still be a few several trips back to the old house to collect more stuff (like the dreadful attic - ugh!)

But the time is finally here.  I won't be posting pics for a few weeks so please bear with me.  I'd like to get the curtains hung and some of the finishing touches done before I post the final after pics. Believe me - it will be well worth the wait.

Yes - I'm behind on project life.  But really, I'm behind on life in general.  Its all coming together - just a few more weeks of chaos.  But a new chaos - like the whirlwind wonderful chaos that comes with unpacking and settling into a wonderful new home.

I'm going to bear my soul right now.  I think the reason I put off packing is that I've been in a state of disbelief a along.  It took forever for the purchase of the house to go through, then the reno project kept getting longer and we pushed the moving date back so many times that I got myself into a place of disbelief.  I feel like I don't deserve this house.  We've handpicked everything, its too nice, its too perfect for us - why do I deserve this?

This is a pattern for me.  The same thing happened on my wedding day 8 years ago. Much to everyone's surprise, I "freaked out" that day.  Throughout the day, going through the motions - hair, make-up, dress, photos - the more it set in "this is really going to happen, I really am going to marry the man of my dreams".  And I was a wreck. Because, for some reason, deep down, I was prepared for disappointment, for set back, for something to happen that would call it all off.

Then we went through the years and heartache of infertility.  When I finally had our perfect, beautiful, miracle boy, it took about 2 years for me to finally feel comfortable that he is ours, here to stay.  I had to remind myself every night when I put him to bed - "it's okay - he'll be here tomorrow too.  You'll get to do this all over again tomorrow, and every day after that".  I actually had to tell myself that each and every night.

So now here I am again - doubting, second guessing, prepared for disappointment.  But that's not going to happen. 

We're actually going to live there - in that house. 

The house that we picked. 

 And made our own.

And will make our own...every day....for years to come.

Thank you God. There are no other words than that - Thank you God.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yes Virginia, it is a real kitchen!







Project Life Tuesday will have to wait for now - 
these kitchen photos deserve a few days here. 


Thursday, January 13, 2011

He's got class!!

We've long felt that Thomas should be in a little class - something to help him channel his boundless energy - tumbling, or dance, or little movers.  I finally found a class at a local community center called "Jumpers and Climbers".  It might as well be called "Thomas' class"!  Thanks to Nana's and Big T's generosity, we signed him up.  Tuesday was his first class.  I was quite surprised at how shy and reluctant he was to get involved.  He usually runs right into places and is the first one to get going.  It took a little coaxing, but then he was off and running.  Of course, at the end of class he was beside himself that it was over and we had to leave.  I assured him we'd be back next week. I think he'll do just fine.

He was most reluctant about trying out the trampoline,
but as I suspected, "its my favorite mama!"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

(My first week on this project and already I'm a day late....)

Welcome to MY project life.  I learned about this last year and was gung-ho to get on board.  Of course, as life threw us a curve ball (life can be that way) with the whole house thing, so Project Life went to the bottom of the list.

This year I'm back and ready to go.  I ordered the Project life book that everyone in this community raves about and it really is awesome.  Soooo worth the money.

I want to do this for 3 reasons:
1- to keep myself accountable and on top of my photos. 
2- to practice and get more creative and artistic with my camera
3- to better document this wonderful life with my family

Each Tuesday, I'll post my pictures and journaling from the previous week.  I won't be sharing just pics of the boy - but of all aspects of our life - hopefully. 

I hope you enjoy - and maybe you'll be inspired too.

Here goes:

no words needed

Thomas loves to print coloring pages from PBS kids.  
We go on-line, he points to which coloring page he wants, I hit print and he knows just what to do. 

again- no words needed

Daddy built this ramp (a while back) for Thomas' monster trucks.  
He spends at least 2 hours a day playing with and jumping his trucks.  He's obsessed!

a sweet moment between my boys

Thomas loves his M&M's.  
see how he lines them up by color - then he eats all the same color at once.  

just like his daddy - watching football

(It seems this week's pics are all about the boy, but I intend to expand my work.)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Floors and More

I know - post more pics of the house reno already!!!

Here is my gorgeous kitchen floor
(excuse the dust)
 isn't it so warm and cozy?? mmmmmm

And here is the new bathroom tile floor.  
It actually looks very different in person - 
much more gray than brown.  But beautiful nonetheless.

And here are the newly refinished floors
throughout all the other rooms in the house:



(can you just see the lines of trucks and cars down this alley way?)
My new kitchen pendant light...
I've always wanted a pendant light!
(its the little things in life, right?)
And our new toilet!
Its exciting because look at the base - it is straight on all sides -
no swirly pipe lines = so much easier to clean! 

We're in the home stretch now, but the items left are the ones that take the longest.  Why?  Well, because they need the most attention to detail - its all the finish work.  Paulo is busting his butt every day, but he's feeling frustrated that things don't seem to be progressing much.  Believe me - they are.  When we decided not to rush the move during the holidays, one of the other reasons was to just get it ALL done, so that once we are moved in, we can really truly relax and enjoy! So every day I give Paulo a little pep talk - it will ALL be worth it!!!

And since you stopped by, here's a recent pic of the boy.
 okay - make it two!