Friday, January 7, 2011

Floors and More

I know - post more pics of the house reno already!!!

Here is my gorgeous kitchen floor
(excuse the dust)
 isn't it so warm and cozy?? mmmmmm

And here is the new bathroom tile floor.  
It actually looks very different in person - 
much more gray than brown.  But beautiful nonetheless.

And here are the newly refinished floors
throughout all the other rooms in the house:



(can you just see the lines of trucks and cars down this alley way?)
My new kitchen pendant light...
I've always wanted a pendant light!
(its the little things in life, right?)
And our new toilet!
Its exciting because look at the base - it is straight on all sides -
no swirly pipe lines = so much easier to clean! 

We're in the home stretch now, but the items left are the ones that take the longest.  Why?  Well, because they need the most attention to detail - its all the finish work.  Paulo is busting his butt every day, but he's feeling frustrated that things don't seem to be progressing much.  Believe me - they are.  When we decided not to rush the move during the holidays, one of the other reasons was to just get it ALL done, so that once we are moved in, we can really truly relax and enjoy! So every day I give Paulo a little pep talk - it will ALL be worth it!!!

And since you stopped by, here's a recent pic of the boy.
 okay - make it two!


Amy and Rick said...

LOVE the floors and MAN, that is one cute kid! Can't wait to see you guys!

Alyssa and Andrew said...

Three things:

1) Your son inherited my eyelashes.
2) Alyssa wants to be sure that you kept the old toilet seat cover. Please send it to her attention.
3) The place looks effin awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the colors of paint, the finish of the floors....your kitchen. Iam very very happy for you. I also am excited to see it in person! Great Job.

The Faiths said...

Nice job on the house!!!!!! He's so frickn' cute...seriously.