Friday, March 25, 2011

Aquarium adventure

Last weekend, we had a treat when our friend Thomas' girlfriend Emma came to visit.  On Friday we all went to the aquarium including Daddy.  It was a very fun day, as you can see from our pics.
It was the first only nice day of the month so we grabbed lunch on the pier at a snack stand.  When Thomas saw the juice pouch, he went out of his mind.  We don't let him have much juice, and when we do we cut it with water, so straight juice from a pouch is like crack cocaine for this kid.  (I'm guessing)
 He sucked down the first and begged for another.  I gave in. I'm cool like that.  The 2nd one he took his time with - savoring if he knew it was his last for a while.
 Time to burn off the liquid crack.
He did this about 47 times.
 Not that Daddy minded.

These pics are for you Nana....
no doubt about it, this boy's got the ice cream gene.

Just like his mama and daddy - singing on a stage in Boston.

And for once - I stepped out from behind the camera. 

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