Sunday, March 6, 2011


A long, long time ago (my youth), in a land far, far away (Western MA), I was a high school student by day, and worked at the town public library by night.  I loved the library....and the world of possibilities it opened my eyes and mind to through books.

But when I went to college and was compelled to spend hours and hours in the library, I began to grow resentful and started to detest the library and the way it had taken over my life.  

So when I graduated college and got a job, I thought I didn't need the library anymore.  Because now I was rich and cool and I could buy books now.  And because now Barnes and Nobles and Borders had come along.  It was hip and cool to spend lunch hours and Sunday afternoons in those mega-book stores - sipping coffee, flipping through the bright, shiny pages of all those brand new books.  Those books smelled - not like the musty, discolored books at the library - but smelled brand new, and luxurious, like they were more valuable without a crease or a crinkle. I even bought some of these new books then - cause I had money (so I thought) and it would make me look cool to have my own personal library.

Now I'm a mom. And like so many other things that come full circle from your own childhood, I spend a lot of the time at the library these days.  For story hour.  And craft time.  And to pick out lots of books each week.  Thomas LOVES going to the library.  And you know what?  So do I!  I look forward to it each week. 

I've missed the library. 

I didn't know really know how much I missed it until lately. 

I'm in love all over again.  Or maybe I'm falling in love in a whole new way.  Because of all the new endless possibilities for me in the books I gravitate towards these days....the books I need these days....gardening, cookbooks, historical fiction, biographies, brand-new best sellers. 

And I've definitely found love in a new way for all endless possibilities for Thomas. Lately we've been reading classic children's books - some of which I loved as a child, and others I don't even remember.

And we've found new books that have become his favorites: 

Going to library warms my heart. 
And my mind. 
And my soul. 

And I hope I'm helping Thomas develop a life-long love for the library too. 
And for books. 
And, most importantly, a love of reading. 


MOM said...

You write beautifully and should take on the writing job at the Hull Times.

Jeanne said...

LOVE blueberries for Sal (received it as a shower gift for FRANCESCA :-) Look for The Giving Tree - still one of Francesca's favorite books!!!