Sunday, April 17, 2011

And speaking of home office

Since it is the office, and the craft room, then it holds A LOT of stuff.  Which should organized.

I love these boxes.  They are IRIS brand, which I get at Michaels - when they go on sale for 40% off - which happens about 3x a year.  Then I had a coupon for 25% off my entire order, so I could get lots of them.  The labels are peel-and-stick wipeboard - YES!!  It comes in a roll, which I then cut to my size and made the corners a little fancy (CM corner rounder - just because I can). 

I labeled the boxes using wipe board crayons - fun!

You call it OCD...I call it peace of mind!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Our home office

Hmmm - I realized I hadn't yet posted before and after pics of our home office....or of the kitchen.  Kitchen still in progress, so today I'll share about the home office.

After weeks of this room being the "holding place" for boxes and things in transition, we've finally pulled it all together.  The office - which is the 3rd bedroom in our house (I think some people thought we only had a 2 bedroom home) - is actually an office / craft room / guest room / den. 

Besides the kitchen and bathroom, this room had the most work and biggest transformation.  Here is the before.

Why yes you are correct - that is TWO different types of paneling in the room originally.  I had to beg Paulo not to demolish it - I thought it was unique and made a statement.  NOT!!!  When we pulled all that off (by we I mean Paulo of course), there was wall paper underneath.  I stripped/peeled the paper (see, I did do some work here!).  Then we had the walls skim coated and painted.

Here is the cozy room now.

Our office at the old house was tiny.  Now Daddy can work on the computer, Thomas can color or do something at his table, and I can loung read on the futon ....we can all be t.o.g.e.t.h.e.r....(we are that annoying family who is all about togetherness)

This futon pulls out to a double bed, so what are you waiting for?  Come for a visit!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project life April 3 - 9th

Every mom should have this picture.  
Its such a great representation of big a stage in our lives - 
talking to our children behind their sippy cups. 

T:  "Mama - Christopher is my best friend". 

Another glorious sunset.  I tell you - expect to see a lot of these pics.  I cannot get enough.

We have a lot of dance parties in the kitchen - 
especially after dinner. 

Thomas with his fish.  Nana and Big T got him these.  He doesn't care that they aren't real - he loves them.  

Don't know which caption to choose: 
Ice Ice Baby
Right about now I'm wishing the toe-kicks were in.  
"Mama - you made a big mess!"

A fabulous day on our swingset.  We spent hours out in the yard this past week. A little bit of work and a little bit of play.   Mmmmmmm

Friday, April 8, 2011

First Taste

....of spring.

.....of nice weather.

.....of sunshine.....the kind that warms your face.

All of this is making me very anxious....  

for a taste of this....
and this....
and this...
 and, oh what the heck, a little of this too... 
aaahhhh, farmers market and all your fresh pickins....
how I miss you.  
and anxiously await your return.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project Life this week

Once again I didn't post on Tuesday but at least its 2 weeks in a row now.  As I mentioned, I'm taking pics every day - give or take a day here and there - just not posting as regularly as I should.  Hopefully I'll improve on my regularity.  Here's this week randomness. 


TUESDAY 3/28: Paulo put up our mega cork board in the office - Thomas loves to hang his artwork up on it.  He also loves to move the push pins around, just for fun.
WEDNESDAY 3/30: Finally - a deck day!!
THURSDAY 3/31: All on his own, no prompting from me, Thomas decided he should do his bible study while mama was doing hers.  (I know - precious!)

FRIDAY 4/1: So much for that glimpse of warm weather

SATURDAY 4/2: My dear friend came to visit and brought me this awesome picture.  In case you can't make it out - its spells "faith".  I should have taken a picture of my friend and me - first visit together in 3 years!!  however, I didn't think about it until sunday morning when she left and neither of us had showered/had make-up.  Oops!
SUNDAY 4/3: Since this week I missed a few, I'll jump ahead a few.  Here's the boy just being silly.  He's very good at it!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools....not funny

Yup - this is what we woke to today.  SNOW!!  Really???

Because ever since the moment we saw fell in love with this house on July 3rd of last summer, I've been DYING to get our deck all set up.  Its big, gets sun all day, has gorgeous views of our yard, the bay, and sunsets.  And I want to sit.out.there.

I'll admit - we did get a little taste of it earlier this week.  On Wednesday, it was 50 degrees - which is quite balmy for all of us here in New England!  More importantly, the sun was shining bright and strong, so we took advantage of it, dragged all the furniture up on the deck, washed it off and aired it out. Thomas and I had a snack and beverage, and it was the perfect preview of the summer ahead of us...
 morning coffee for mama on the love seat
lunch for a hungry boy and his friends who've worked up quite an appetite on the swing set
cocktails and dinners with family and friends,
long lazy evenings enjoying the view and bay breeze while discussing life's latest adventures
So Summer - if you are out there, listening...
Come on in.  We're here, waiting for you.  
And we will welcome you with open arms.