Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools....not funny

Yup - this is what we woke to today.  SNOW!!  Really???

Because ever since the moment we saw fell in love with this house on July 3rd of last summer, I've been DYING to get our deck all set up.  Its big, gets sun all day, has gorgeous views of our yard, the bay, and sunsets.  And I want to sit.out.there.

I'll admit - we did get a little taste of it earlier this week.  On Wednesday, it was 50 degrees - which is quite balmy for all of us here in New England!  More importantly, the sun was shining bright and strong, so we took advantage of it, dragged all the furniture up on the deck, washed it off and aired it out. Thomas and I had a snack and beverage, and it was the perfect preview of the summer ahead of us...
 morning coffee for mama on the love seat
lunch for a hungry boy and his friends who've worked up quite an appetite on the swing set
cocktails and dinners with family and friends,
long lazy evenings enjoying the view and bay breeze while discussing life's latest adventures
So Summer - if you are out there, listening...
Come on in.  We're here, waiting for you.  
And we will welcome you with open arms.

1 comment:

Kate said...

LOVE your deck and LOVE your deck furniture!!

I heard that a lot of people got snow yesterday but we didn't, thank goodness. I am DONE with winter! Today I went grocery shopping and just needed a sweater.

Hope spring comes soon!